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Rova magazine

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Rova Magazine Description

Air freighted directly from the USA, ROVA stands for road vacations and recreational vehicles, and it is about taking all roads—those less-taken or the most well-worn—to your own personal destination.

Every road you take is a trail you blaze. Your wheels may kick up the same dust as another’s, but your story will project new light, new colour—a new world. The roads we take transport us into our own story.

ROVA is about sharing North America as it is seen through the eyes of wanderers, writers, photographers, and amateur adventurers. We’re the ones who stick our hands out the car window to catch the summer breeze; the ones who pull off the road when the landscape
commands it; the ones who find new experiences in even the most-visited places; and the ones who forge paths into unknown territories.

In ROVA, we explore how roads connect people, places and experiences. Each new set of wheels to hit the road traces a story on the landscape; let us inspire you to create your own.


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