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Playstation Official Uk Magazine

Playstation Official Uk magazine

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Playstation Official Uk Magazine Description

Love PlayStation? Then Playstation Official is the magazine subscription for you! Playstation Official magazine is packed full of trustworthy reviews, the biggest previews, plus with official links to Sony it gets the biggest exclusives! Playstation Official magazine, originally known as PlayStation Magazine, is published 13 times a year by Future Publishing. With an annual subscription to Playstation Official magazine you will receive every one of the full thirteen copies direct to your door every month. Playstation Official magazine has consistently outsold every other Playstation-dedicated magazine both in the U.S. as well as abroad.Published by Future Publishing in the UK, Playstation Official magazine is well- know for its integrity and trust-worthy reviews. Those with subscriptions to Playstation Official magazine know that they will get honest opinions and up-to-the minute news within the magazine?s pages every month. Playstation Official magazine really is a must-have guide to all things ?Playstation?. Don?t miss out ? take out a subscription to this essential read today.


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