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Paris, pre-pandemic: Along a winding back street – just one block from Canal Saint Martin and three from the palatial archways of Gare de l’Est – a large blueish-grey door and white provincial shutters inconspicuously house one of the cooler photography studios this side of the Seine. Inside, @BrooklynBeckham is leading a creative briefing. The team are huddled around a series of sketches as 21-year-old Beckham and ICON’s creative director @danestojanovic peddle through the brain-bending task of shooting with mirrors, a concept Beckham pitched some weeks prior to the cover shoot. (And a decision that sent the production team scouring deep within the nooks of Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen for a barber’s triptych mirror on a Monday.) Today as flights halt, borders close and the world navigates a new frontier of social distancing, ICON releases its 4th international print edition. Featuring a series of self-portraits by Beckham, the practise of self-reflection appears more relevant now than ever.


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