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The Art Of Healing Magazine

The Art Of Healing magazine

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The Art Of Healing Magazine Description

A leading magazine in the area of NATURAL HEALTH.

Our profile on Adam Elliot, stop-motion animation writer, director and producer, known and loved for all his films but perhaps best known for his Academy Award-winning film Harvey Krumpet, is our star attraction in the SEP/NOV 2019 issue of The Art of Healing. However, learning about personalized medicine is also important reading this issue, with other interesting news and research including that telomere length is perhaps not the best indicator for longevity; the stats on atrial fibrillation which has now taken over from heart failures and heart attacks as the leading cause of cardiovascular hospitalisations; and an exploration of a few of the different theories regarding the human microbiome. Lots more of course, including a pioneering article on therapeutic law. Available nationally in print through newsagencies and also by subscription or digital format directly from The Art of Healing website.


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