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Net Uk Magazine

Net Uk magazine

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Net Uk Magazine Description

A subscription to .Net magazine provides the computer lover with all the information they need to know on the net. .Net is your complete guide to the internet. Regular features in the magazine include, cutting-edge features which delve into net culture and the hottest issues for web site builders, hopping and home banking to booking theatre tickets and watching exclusive movie trailers, .net is here to show its readers how! .Net magazine is an exclusive magazine which carries all essential information on internet trends. This magazine published By Future Publishing is a monthly magazine. It comes with expanded and in-depth coverage on all aspects of the internet. It includes all current and up to date information and informative articles, independent and authoritative reviews on books, tutorials and practical tips and advices. .Net magazine caters for all those are serious about commercial internet applications. It is a single most comprehensive guide for all professional and amateur web designers, web developers and graphic designers.Subscribe today to .Net magazine and keep on top of the internet trends as and when they occur.


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