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Journal Of Creation magazine

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Journal Of Creation Magazine Description

JOURNAL OF CREATION: The world’s premier peer-reviewed creation-science journal. Scientists and other experts from around the world report and discuss the latest discoveries. Features include: papers on cutting-edge creation research, overviews summarizing years of work, book reviews, answers to critics, letters, and the latest science news from a creation angle. The professional researcher will benefit from the Journal of Creation as will the curious amateur.128 pages devoted to the sciences, such as geology, biology and astronomy. The Journal of Creation also deals with geography, archaeology, history, theology and philosophy, as they relate to biblical creation and Noah’s Flood.Journal of Creation is designed for anyone who has had a high school education or above, and who is serious about understanding the big issues of life. It’s meaty…but stimulating!“It has provided my breakfast, coffee break, lunch, dinner and bedtime reading for over a week since it arrived.”Tony B.“I think it’s probably the best resource around for high quality information that defends a traditional view of Scripture.”Jonathon H.


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