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Infringe Magazine

Infringe magazine

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Infringe Magazine Description

From the founders of the world wide hair chain TONI&GUY comes the new fashion bi annual INFRINGE explores the world of hair across creative disciplines. Across the globe we place enormous value on hair. Some is purely aesthetic, and millions of us spend hours grooming and maintaining it. But if we dig deeper, we can come to understand its value beyond this, its social and cultural significance across universal subjects which affect us all, in one way or another. Inextricably linked to our ideas surrounding identity, gender, race and religion, hair is a powerful symbol. It is an extension of our identity, attitudes and beliefs. Through hair we express our individuality, conform to uniformity, or show our dedication to a specific subculture, tribe or lifestyle. Explore the world of hair creatives in the broadest sense, we cast a focus on anyone working with hair, across artistic disciplines. From the hairdressers, barbers and wigmakers using it as a medium for their craft, the photographers capturing hair culture across the globe, and the artists and activists challenging perceptions of hair and its role in shaping our sense of identity.


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