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Girlfriend Magazine

Girlfriend magazine

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Girlfriend Magazine Description

Girlfriend magazine is every girl’s best friend.

Each month it dishes out the best advice on boys, fashion, beauty and life. It’s packed tight with celebrity gossip and interviews, great competitions, riveting real life stories plus straight-talking tips on your body and looks. Whatever’s important to teenage girls, we aim to cover and while mum or dad might be difficult to talk to, Girlfriend isn’t - our readers know that they’ll always get the right answer to their problems about boys, friends, fashion, beauty and their bodies. Unlike fickle friends, Girlfriend will always be there when you need it - funny, informative and full of bright ideas.

PLEASE NOTE: Cover gifts will not be sent to subscribers.

Suitable for girls aged 14-17 years.

*Important notice: Girlfriend has recently updated its subscription terms and pricing, and subsequently to isubscribe's Christmas brochure being delivered. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Category: Kids Magazines

Magazine Rating: Rating: 3 out of 4 - Based on 4 reviews

Read Reviews on Girlfriend Read 4 Reviews of Girlfriend

Read Reviews on Girlfriend Read 4 Reviews of Girlfriend

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