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Fetelife Magazine

Fetelife magazine

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Fête/Life magazine - the solution to a simple, meaningful, well-designed life.

Leading hectic and cluttered lives, Fête/Life magazine readers are constantly on the lookout to find solutions to improve their quality of life. Advocates for simple-living, Jane Cameron and Annabelle Kerslake – co-founders of Fête/Life magazine – have travelled their own journey building a strong and unique brand in a visually-cluttered market. “We have taken our ethos back to basics, analysed our core values and considered what is really important to ourselves, our readers and followers.”

With a monochromatic aesthetic and minimalist design ethos, Fête/Life magazine works with businesses and brands throughout Australia hand-picking products that offer both form and function, empowering readers to buy well and live simply. “Our simple-living approach is about having the clarity to make good choices in every aspect of life – home, nutrition, health, finances, fashion and family. The process of curating products and stories for print has helped us discover what is truly important and how best to offer it to consumers. Simple-living is more about surrounding ourselves with objects of purpose or meaning, choosing to purchase with thought and care and less about leading a stark, minimalistic life. Only when you learn how to tap into what is truly important can you speak across all platforms in an engaging and captivating voice."


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