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Diyode Magazine

Diyode magazine

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Diyode Magazine Description

DIYODE Magazine, inspiring electronics enthusiasts and makers across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Each month, DIYODE provides its readers (young and old) with fun and engaging content, providing real-world outcomes, and solving problems (both pesky and mammoth).

Hands-on projects are easy-to-build, using locally available components, and caters to all ages from kids to adults. Regular columns include 'FUNdamentals' to teach the fundamentals of electronics, 'Secret Code' to educate the reader on different aspects of programming, and 'The Classroom' to explain various technologies and applications.

Whether you are a student or seasoned Maker with an interest in electronics, coding, 3D printing, robotics or new technology you will love DIYODE. Strong STEM principals around electronics and engineering are also covered.

Every print issue includes an unlock code to download a high resolution PDF version that you can read on your computer, phone or Tablet.


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