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Creativkits For Kids 4 Activities Month Magazine

Creativkits For Kids 4 Activities Month magazine

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Creativkits For Kids 4 Activities Month Magazine Description

Contains: Creativkits' March kit is also Easter Special and contains up to four Creative activities each for 5+ and 8+ age groups.
For younger kids - Learn About Bubble Science, Make Your Own Cross Stitch Rabbit, Make Your Own Spiro Scratch Art & DIY Explode Volcano.
For Older Kids - Build Your Own Light Kaleidoscope, Make Your Own String Art, Make Your Own Pom Pom Pets, and explode own volcano. Order yours today!

Got children between 5-15? CreativKits subscription boxes provide perfect opportunity to prepare your children for life in a fun and engaging way. These professionally curated boxes are also a perfect gift for your nieces, nephews or other kids amongst your family and friends. The best part is that they are locally assembled and delivered free to your doorsteps along with written and rich media instructions.

Why Creativkits?

- We offer activities for girls & boys in two age groups 5+ and 8 + yrs.

- We offer activities in all interest areas beyond Science, Technology, Maths etc.

- We offer kits based on number of activities i.e 2 or 4 activities that you can choose based on your child’s commitments.

- We offer a secure platform for children to share their work and ideas thus enabling Learning by Sharing.

Apart from quality activity material, CreativKits contain printed and online instructions, featured story of the month and a bonus children's activity.

Your ongoing monthly kit includes:

1. Raw materials
2. Instruction booklet
3. Fun trivia quiz
4. Video link
5. Creative activity card
6. Origami box flyer
7. Hall of fame card

So, what are you waiting for? Order your CreativKits subscription box today - don’t let your child miss out!

Note: We follow a monthly shipping cycle. Cut-off to order monthly kits is 15th of every month, which are shipped out by 20th of that month. However, a starter kit box can be delivered in 1-2 week timeframe.


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