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Beauty Papers Magazine

Beauty Papers magazine

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Beauty Papers Magazine Description

Beauty Papers, a creative biannual about the culture of beauty. Theme ‘plastic’ the first issue explores and explodes the notion of plasticity, from fake to fabulous, across the visual arts and the beauty industry, featuring opinion pieces, articles and interviews on what artifice and plastic means in today’s society.

Beauty Papers - Issue 5 goes beyond the looking glass to explode the subject of VANITY with photographic collaborations explore the many facets and subtleties of vanity and narcissism. In journeys that are personal, intimate, unexpected, exquisite: Sarah Moon and Stéphane Marais, Araki and Asashi, Dominique Issermann and Susie & Nick Cave, Inge Grognard and Ronald Stoops, Yelena Yemchuk and Guinverere Van Seenus and Rudi Lewis and Vincent van de Wijngaard inspire.

Conversations and comment in the form of exclusive interviews that include; hair visionary Bob Recine, style icon and entrepreneur Michèle Lamy, the Berlin-based gender futurists Eva and Adele. Through the ethereal words of hair artist Julien D’ys in his piece ‘Stream of Comme-sciousness’ we glimpse his creative world and thoughts on the schizophrenic duality of vanity.


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