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Australian And New Zealand Handgun Magazine

Australian And New Zealand Handgun magazine

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Australian And New Zealand Handgun Magazine Description

The Australian & New Zealand Handgun is the SSAA’s dedicated magazine for handgun enthusiasts. Published annually, it showcases legitimate handgun shooting for recreational club and competitive shooters, collectors, historians and those who may use their handguns professionally, such as law enforcement and security personnel.

Handgun features reviews on air pistols, rimfire and centrefire self-loading pistols and revolvers, ammunition, reloading guides, holsters and other shooting accessories, as well as stories about reloading and building custom firearms, hints for shooting specific disciplines and interviews with successful Australian and international competitors.

The magazine also examines the evolution of handguns and ammunition, profiling some of the world’s most influential firearm makers and the creation and use of handguns that have changed the course of history.

Visit www.ssaa.org.au/publications/australian-new-zealand-handgun for back issues of the Australian & New Zealand Handgun magazine.


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