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Australasian Poultry Magazine

Australasian Poultry magazine

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Australasian Poultry Magazine Description

Australasian Poultry magazine covers the popular species of domestic poultry and how to feed, house, breed and keep them. Breeders share tips, new products are examined and clubs describe activities and events. Articles are a mix of backyard, small-scale production and showing.

There are contacts for over 100 clubs, lists of shows and auctions. A broad range of related advertising helps readers find what they need. Best of all, you can trust the information presented, its tried and tested by experts.

This issue: Boutique Poultry Houses, Awesome Andalusians, Malay Game, Australorp Success, Floods and Fowls, Silkie Earlobes, New Birds and Disease, Double Mating Explained, Why Poults Flip Over, Poultry-Keeping Kids, Chooks on the High Seas. Plus, Much, More.


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